Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 - Slick Rides Delivery Series

The much anticipated Delivery Series for 2010 has arrived in the US Market. SLICK RIDES Delivery series has been release in the States with its case A, B, C and D as of this posting. Featuring "FIRESTONE" brand name for this Dairy Delivery casting and is the 1st color release.

Also sporting real rider tires with "Firestone" brand name on it as well. Awesome release with both metal body and base. What are you guys waiting for, go get em all.


Monday, December 14, 2009

DD Customs - Transformers Bumblebee

The year 2009 saw the sequel release of the Transformers with "Return of the FALLEN". The year 2009 also saw the release of BoxMan's Custom featuring Bumblebee in the DAIRY DELIVERY casting. Not only the Dairy was a customs, the overall packaging also was customized with TRANSFORMERS logo and bumblebee names on it. Also, a very well design Dairy Delivery bumblebee in robot mode on the packaging. Simply awesome piece of artwork that u can expect from the BoxMan's Customs.

The Bumblebee Dairy delivery spots a bumblebee yellow body color. The yellow used is not from the live-action movie yellow but the classic animated TV series yellow and with black stripe from engine hood to roof which is from the movie. Clear window and chrome base. Also feature real riders tires.

Autobots logo on both sides of door and "Transformers" word at side. The customs feature a very nice and realistic design that looks like the body has peeling effect and show what underneath the outer layer. Sort of like a "Battle Damage" of Bumblebee. Lastly, the back reads "MORE THEN MEETS THE EYE... " Truly an awesome piece of work there.

This is a limited piece release and is not available mass market. Be prepared to fork out a hefty sum for this Bumblebee.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's new on DD - Slick Rides Delivery Series

We’re delivering the goods again! Continuing the Hot Wheels® Delivery series of cars and trucks that really deliver, the 2010 theme is all about cars -- vintage sponsor decos that honor some of the most recognizable providers of auto parts on the circuit. Also, among the “special deliveries” in the Slick Rides™ segment you’ll find the debut of five brand-new castings and a brand-new type of Real Riders® wheels!

(Quote and pics from HWC.COM)

FIRESTONE is the License Deco for 2010 Diary Delivery Slick Rides Series. Featuring Real riders wheels with "Firestone" trademark on them. Awesome.


Malaysia 20-Car Gift Set

Back in 2003, Mattel challenged their three manufacturing factories to design a special 20-car theme pack using castings that they had available. Jumping at the chance to showcase their strengths and talents, the factories eagerly accepted the task with care and dedication. The Malaysia 20-Car Gift Set was the result from Mattel Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MMSB), which is located in the state of Penang, Malaysia (also known as the "Pearl of the Orient"). The factory began operation in 1981, and it has produced over two billion cars since then!

Along with 18 cars from the 2003 stable, the Dairy Delivery® and the Fandango® feature exclusive decorations available only in this collection! The 20-Car Gift Set of Hot Wheels® cars also features handsome, foldout packaging.

(Quote and Pics from HWC.COM)


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009 - 2nd Annual SUMMER SMASH - Platinum

Another DD color variation for the 2nd Annual Summer Smash which was held at Warwick, Rhode Island on 27-30 August 2009. Featuring the same design as the yellow color version in my previous posting.

This Platinum Dairy Delivery is Exclusive pewter painted with bright metallic flakes and it makes this a true collectible. Come with red line real rider wheels.

Only 2 pieces was available for the Summer Smash Charity Auction ("Made-A-Wish foundation") Donated and decorated by Vince "Vman" Mosely

2009 - 2nd Annual SUMMER SMASH

2nd Annual Summer Smash which was held in Warwick, Rhode Island on 27-30 August 2009. This is a partnership event between Rhode Island Hot wheels Club and Mattel to raise $20, 000 for the "Made-A-Wish Foundation"

This Yellow Dairy Delivery Summer Smash was design by Vince (Vman) Mosely.
Only 23 pieces was available for sale during the event.

2009 - Modified Rides (all colors)

Ebay's package arrived over the weekend and with it bring me the last and final color for 2009 Modified Rides' Dairy Delivery, the Silver anodized DD which is the K-mark edition. Behold all 3 color variations as shown below.

A little something difference with the new K-mark silver DD card graphics is that the DD is shrink to a smaller scale as compared to its predecessor. I think this is because there are some collectors that want to collect the card graphic and since both the green and yellow DD graphic is large and below the plastic blister, its kinda hard to have the card undamaged while opening the blister. Mattel did a good job here by making the graphic smaller and above the plastic blisters to allow undamaged graphic cards for card collectors.

Close up pics on all 3 color variations. From my view, my favorite would be the Silver follow by green and lastly the yellow. Overall great tempo and tagline, the "REDLINE RACING". This wrap up the 2009 Modified Rides series, hope there be more DD for 2010 in the mainline.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009 - Modified Rides (K-day)

News is out that the 3rd recolor for this year Basic line's Modified Rides team series Dairy Delivery to be Anodized Silver color. Sadly this is the K-day collectors day event special color and wont be available internationally, only to the K-mart store in the US. November 7th 2009 is the day of release, mark it down in your calender.

The 3rd recolor of the Modifies Rides series spots :

Anodized silver Body
Grey plastic base
Red PR5 wheels
Red window
Maroon Interior (Possible?)
Tattoo pattern on roof
"Redline Racing" and Hot Wheels logo tempo on sides

Really cant wait to get my hands on this, possibly multiple of it, the silver body and red windows is a nice combinations plus the red pr5 wheels made it an added bonus. DD fans, don't let this slip pass.

2009 - 1:87 / HO (Since 68's Dairy Delivery)

("The 1:87/ HO line has it all in a smaller scale, including Hot Wheels® collector favorites, tuners, exotics – even the 1966 Batmobile™! These cars pack a lot of detail into their itty bitty bodies.") Quote from

In early 2009, Mattel release a brand new series called the 1:87 / HO line. This series consist of many popular casting in its 1:87 scale and with real rider wheels. Each casting come in with an acrylic box casing with a black base for display or easy storing. Although its in the 1:87 scale, it is highly detail.

Only one Dairy Delivery was release in this series and its resemble the SINCE 68 black Dairy with orange/red flames and the Hot wheels logo. Feature an all 2-piece wheels with real riders, yellow windows.

Friday, September 4, 2009

TROY LEE Dairy Delivery

Troy Lee, a named known by most Dairy Delivery Collector. A designer that design a special limited edition Dairy that till now still have lots of collector craving for it. Here some photo from a seller in ebay.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Now Release : 2009 MODIFIED RIDES

Yes!, the much anticipated 2009 MODIFIED RIDES series featuring the DAIRY DELIVERY casting has been release. Initial finding on this is in EBAY.COM right now. Can't wait till collectors finding them on pegs.

The blister card art on the DD is awesome. Just wish that the actual front grille and headlight is painted according to the cards shown to bring out the detail.

Photo taken from ebay seller.

Monday, April 20, 2009


2009 Basic Cars line will release a DAIRY DELIVERY casting in the Modified Rides Team Series. Release date unknown as of this posting. Photo already available at Check it out.

This DD spot a : -
- Matte Green Body
- Tattoo pattern on the roof
- "REDLINE RACING" tagline on the side.
- "Star" logo at the side of door
- PR5 wheels
- Clear window (from pics, could be tinted)
- Maroon Base
- Red Interior

I wonder would the DD be coming in as repaint as well, Matte black would be awesome. Guess will have to wait and see what awaited us DD collectors. Cheers

Saturday, March 21, 2009


A little Dairy Delivery Background for collectors or those that about to become DD collectors or just General knowledge on this particular casting.

First Release : 1998 First Editions

This DD casting has been feature in over 30 difference series since its first debut in 1998, this casting is very popular (besides the DragBus and DragTruck) with collectors as it have a wide area for large graphic tampo to be apply on.

Popular household or automotive brand has use this casting to promote its product and services like PEPSI NEX , MOTHER WAX, JIFFY LUBE, JC WHITNEY, BATMAN and many others.

Lots of customizer like to work on this casting to do customs work or apply favourites tampo on them. Even club cars or conventions event sometimes uses this casting as free gaveaway gift for participant.


Friday, March 20, 2009

Discussion : Why do you collect DD?

Why do you collect the DAIRY DELIVERY?

I started collecting Hot wheels (HW) in 2006 and my 1st Dairy Delivery is the 2006 Treasure Hunt (TH). I was totally taken back on the design and tampo on the TH series and from there onwards i slowly focus my collections on the DD casting. What i like most about DD is that, there are so many of them with awesome tampo, that is because the DD have a great large area for great tampo to apply on. My favorites DD so far is the 2005 Japan Custom Show DD. I like to have loose DD for my collections as you can see all the sides of the DD and admire them and touch them.

Currently i've about 40 loose DD of various series and about 30 plus DD on packaging. Hope to collect as many DD as possible and hope other DD collectors would share their view on DD collectings.


Dairy Delivery WANTS LIST

Here are my wants list for Dairy Delivery
Update : 08th Oct 2010

Need CARDED or LOOSE or Both


  • Puerto Rico (Box)
  • MBK ISO9002 Certification (Box or loose)


  • Fire Rods Series 2 (carded only)


  • Affinity Special Delivery "Mooneyes" (carded only-both version)
  • 4th Nationals (carded only)

  • 19th Convention Charity Car (carded only)


  • Holiday Rods (carded only- all 4 color variation)


  • Pepsi NEX (carded only)
  • Japan Convention "Voltaire" (Loose only)

  • ED DD - carded or loose

  • HW Design - Mail-In Baggie
  • Team Hot Wheels : Monster DD
  • 27th Collector Conventions
  • HWC/RLC : Red line club



(Updated on 1st Mar 2018)

Here is a listing of all the series that the Dairy Delivery has appear. I know there are others out there which is not in the list, and will update once i got info. If you have info and/or pics to any DD not listed here (except customs) Kindly let me know by posting a comment or email me. Many thanks in advance.



  • Mainline : First Editions #10
  • Exclusive : 12th Convention Charity Car (Mcdonalds)


  • Mainline : Basic #1004 (Cow spot)
  • Mainline : Basic #1004 (Trailer Edition)
  • Limited : Cop Rods Series 1
  • Promotion : Jiffy Lube
  • Promotion : JC Whitney
  • Exclusive : National Balloon Rally


  • Mainline : Circus On Wheels
  • Promotion : Otter Pops
  • Promotion : Puerto Rico
  • Staff Exclusive : (Mattel Bangkok) MBK ISO9002 Certification
  • Promotion : World of Wheels (Green / White)
  • Promotion : World of Wheels (Orange / White)


  • Mainline : Basic #199 - Big Lou
  • Truck Stopper 5-Pack : Big Lou
  • Limited : Fire Rods Series 2


  • HWC / RLC : Scary Dairy Delivery


  • Mainline : Crazed Clowns
  • HWC / RLC : Flying Customs
  • Limited : Halloween series 2 (2-pack)
  • Promotion : Mothers Wax


  • Mainline : Demonition (Griffon)
  • Promotion : Affinity Special Delivery (MoonEye-white top)
  • Promotion : Affinity Special Delivery (MoonEye-yellow top)
  • Convention : 4th Nationals
  • Batman 2-Pack : Batman Vs. Catwoman
  • Exclusive : Target Hall of Fame (10pc Tin Box Set)
  • Exclusive : Malaysia Factory Challenge (10pc Box Set ), Re-release at HWC in 2009


  • Convention : 19th Convention Charity Car
  • Promotion : Publix Grocery 75th Anniversary
  • Convention : Japan OSAKA Custom Show


  • Mainline : Treasure Hunts
  • Limited : Mystery Car Mail-in
  • Limited : Hot Wheels Classics series 2 (Red)
  • Limited : Hot Wheels Classics series 2 (Blue) 
  • Limited : Hot Wheels Classics series 2 (Green)
  • Limited : Hot Wheels Classics series 2 (Purple)
  • Limited : Hot Wheels Classics series 2 (Aqua)    
  • Limited : Hot Wheels Classics series 2 (Orange)
  • Limited : Flying Customs (Blue with Flames)
  • Limited : Holiday Rods (Red)
  • Limited : Holiday Rods (Blue)
  • Limited : Holiday Rods (Green)
  • Limited : Holiday Rods (Gold) 
  • HWC / RLC : Real Riders
  • HWC Mail-in : Luna-Lu  - also in 10-pk


  • Limited : Street Show #12 : (2-tone : Silver / Blue)
  • Limited : Street Show #19 : (Black with Yellow flame)
  • Promotion : Pepsi NEX (Japan 7-11 store exclusive)
  • Convention : Japan Convention (Voltaire - with serial # sticker)
  • HWC / RLC : Japan Convention (Voltaire -Without Serial # sticker)


  • Limited : Father's Day
  • Limited : Since '68 Top 40
  • Limited : Since '68 Original
  • Limited : Since '68 Original (4pc Tin boxset)
  • Limited : 40 Years of Hot Wheels (40 cars BoxSet)
  • Limited : Since '68 Top 40 (40 cars BoxSet)
  • Limited : Toys 'R Us Mail In


  • Limited : Larry's Garage (2-tone : Purple/Silver)
  • Limited : Larry's Garage (2-tone : Aqua / White)
  • Limited : Larry's Garage (2-tone : Black / Gray)
  • Limited : Larry's Garage (2-tone : Yellow / Black) 
  • Limited : Hot Wheels 1/87 HO  
  • Mainline Team series : Modifies Rides - Olive green
  • Mainline Team series : Modifies Rides - Yellow
  • Mainline Team series : Modifies Rides - Adonised Silver (K-day)
  • Limited : Hot Wheels Deliveries - Sweet rides (Tootsie Roll POPs) (Single carded and 20pc boxset)
  • Limited : Larry's Garage : 21 cars Boxset (Larry's Dairy)
  • Limited : Larry's Holiday Mix (South Pole DD)


  • Limited : Hot Wheels Deliveries - Slick Rides (Cream / Red)
  • Limited : Hot Wheels Deliveries - Slick Rides (Black / Silver)
  • Monster Jam : FLAG - (large "Ubber madness")
  • Monster Jam : FLAG - (small "Ubber Madness")
  • Monster Jam Duo - 1/64 "large Ubber Madness"
  • Convention : 24th Annual Collectors Convention - Los Angeles
  • Staff Exclusive : Hot wheels Employee Holiday (Red)


  • Monster Jam : Tattoo - Special Delivery
  • Exclusive SDCC Limited Edition - Frenken Berry
  • HWC / RLC - SDCC Edition - Frenken Berry
  • Limited : Nostalgia : Master Of The Universe (MOTU)
  • Limited : Nostalgia : Hersheys
  • Monster Jam (1/24) : Special Delivery
  • Exclusive HWC.Com Store : Custom made DD
  • Convention : Hot Wheels Mexico Convention


  • Limited : Nostalgia : Nose Art
  • Limited : Nostalgia : Saturday Evening Posts
  • Limited : Toys R' us : Mail in (Spectra flame Green)
  • Convention : 12th Annual Collector National (Jerry Delivery)
  • Mainline 1st Edition : Monster Dairy Delivery


  • Limited : Pop Culture : Looney Tunes
  • Limited : Pop Culture : The Muppets
  • Limited : HW Design : Mail-in (Baggie)
  • Limited : Team Hot Wheels : Monster Dairy Delivery
  • Convention : 27th Annual Collector Convention : Race Team Delivery 
  • HWC / RLC : Red Line Club

  • Mainline : Monster Dairy Delivery (Off-road segment-Red)
  • Limited : Pop Culture : Grateful Death
  • Limited : Color Shifters : Monster Dairy Delivery (City) 
  • Mainline : Monster Dairy Delivery (Off-road segment-Silver)
  • Mainline : Monster Dairy Delivery (Hot Truck segment-Blue)
  • Stunt Devil 5-Pack : Monster Dairy Delivery
  • Limited : Pop Culture : SpongeBob
  • Limited : Pop Culture : Super Mario Bros
  • Limited : Seasonal Easter : Monster Dairy Delivery
  • Limited : Seasonal Holiday Hot Rods : Monster Dairy Delivery
  • Limited : Pop Culture : Nestle
2017 (Updated on 1st Mar 2018)
  • Mainline : Monster Dairy Delivery (Art Cars Segment-Red)
  • Mainline : Monster Dairy Delivery (Art Cars Segment-Blue)
  • Limited : Pop Culture : The Beatles
  • Limited : Despicable Me : Monster Dairy Delivery
  • Mainline : Monster Dairy Delivery (Seasonal-Happy New year)