Saturday, September 18, 2010

Canada Convention DD - DiecastSpace

The 1st ever Canada Convention recently also saw the release of a DAIRY DELIVERY by Liberty Promotion for DIECASTSPACE. The limited edition Red and White DD is limited to 300 pcs only. While the Red andBlack DD is limited to only 25 pcs.

Canada Convention DD - POPE

The 1ST Canadian Convention was recently held on September 9th in Niagra Falls, Ontario. Those that attend will have the opportunity to buy a limited edition Pope Designs creations Dairy Delivery made in celebration of the event. Both DD will come in Baggie and card and also feature Real Riders Wheels.

The RED Dairy Delivery is limited to just 10 pieces

The BLACK Dairy Delivery is limited to just 6 pieces

Short card - Modified Rides

I don't normally buy short card, but if i came across them at a decent price i'll pick them up. And in this case 2009 Modified Rides DD. Found both the Olive Green and Yellow DD on short card.

This Yellow DD is on international short card (ISC)

This Olive Green DD is on JAPAN card (JC),
take note on the japanese wording below "Hotwheels" on the card.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Newly Added

Greetings, sharing some new addition DD to my collections. Got them at a decent price too and i hope they are genuine release.

1. Magenta/Purple with wave tempo from 4pcs TIN SET SINCE 68
2. Dark Green with poker cards tempo from Redline Poker Club 2009 (The graphic on this is not very sharp and blur)
3. Black with 2009 HOTLANTA / tempo
4. Orange/red with flame and with 2009 HOTLANTA/ tempo.

Overall a great addition to my collections, hope to find more conventions cars with decent price. Cheers.

Slick Ride 2nd color

2010 Delivery Slick Rides series have now reach its 2nd color release and within case 'Q', saw the Dairy Delivery 2nd color release. Each case comes with 2 Black DD and if you are lucky enough, you may find 3 of them in the case. The black version do looks Awesome and the tires are with FIRESTONE brand.