Friday, November 26, 2010

DD Poster # 4

Here my 4th Dairy Delivery posters featuring Dairy in my collections. Here we have the SCARY DAIRY my MIQ, and also the Hotwheels 40th anniversary boxset and Since 68 boxset Dairy. Also feature are the Puerto Rico, JC Whitney and Jiffy Lube eXclusive Dairy Delivery. Cheers

Monday, October 11, 2010

DD poster #3

My 3rd Dairy Delivery posters featuring some of my Dairy collections. Here we have the HOLIDAY HOT RODS series, Luna LU. Flying Customs and some from the basic mainlines series. Enjoy.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


2010 Diecast Hall of Fame at Las Vegas Super Convention that was held on 18-21 February and a Diecast customs by MIQ Willmott and Chris Walker. This crimson red DD is only 75pcs made and sold at the conventions at $80 a piece. This is a 2nd release after the SOLD OUT release of the 1st Dairy in Black which is also a 75pcs limited run.

The packaging is simple with a backing card and DD in a protecto smaller in size then the regular protecto for normal Hot Wheels cards.

Real Rider Firestone tyres, painted headlight and with MIQ graphic on sides and top of the Dairy, Red body with clear window and with white interior

Nothing special about the rear view cept that the painted rear light.

Overall its money well spent....


Saturday, October 9, 2010

DD poster #2

Home made DD poster 2

My Collections - Loose (Part 2)



2009 Larry's Garage series - 1st color

2009 Larry's Garage series - 2nd color

2009 Larry's Garage series - 3rd color

2009 Larry's Garage series - 4th color

2009 Larry's Garage Holiday series

2009 Larry's Garage Boxset - TRU Exclusives


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Slick Ride Open UP

Got a chance to open up a slick rides 2nd color Dairy today and am feeling good. Wondering when the 3rd color will show up and if it be in single carded or in a boxset. Slowly cut open the blister with a cutting blade from one side to another thru the bottom.

Looking great like the black DD from last year Larry's Garage series, just that this is not matte black.

MoonEyes Delivery.

The Mooneyes Dairy delivery was release in a special limited series called the AFFINITY Special Delivery way way back in 2004. As you can see from the photo, there are 2 version of it being release. One a white top and the others a yellow top, both with Mooneyes logo on sides. I read it somewhere that the Yellow Top was more harder to find as its limited number is lesser then the white top.

The top and back view of both DD.. really plain with no tempo..with rear signal light

The top and front view of both DD.. again plain with no tempo..
with painted headlights and grille.

Really like them both, only manage to secure the yellow-top recently and am glad i manage to get it to add to my collections. That one down with many more to go... time to update my wants list. Enjoy

DD poster #1

After looking at my collection pics, have decided to turn them into posters since posting individual pics would take up bandwidth and hassle. So here goes for poster # 1 .. enjoy.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Canada Convention DD - DiecastSpace

The 1st ever Canada Convention recently also saw the release of a DAIRY DELIVERY by Liberty Promotion for DIECASTSPACE. The limited edition Red and White DD is limited to 300 pcs only. While the Red andBlack DD is limited to only 25 pcs.

Canada Convention DD - POPE

The 1ST Canadian Convention was recently held on September 9th in Niagra Falls, Ontario. Those that attend will have the opportunity to buy a limited edition Pope Designs creations Dairy Delivery made in celebration of the event. Both DD will come in Baggie and card and also feature Real Riders Wheels.

The RED Dairy Delivery is limited to just 10 pieces

The BLACK Dairy Delivery is limited to just 6 pieces

Short card - Modified Rides

I don't normally buy short card, but if i came across them at a decent price i'll pick them up. And in this case 2009 Modified Rides DD. Found both the Olive Green and Yellow DD on short card.

This Yellow DD is on international short card (ISC)

This Olive Green DD is on JAPAN card (JC),
take note on the japanese wording below "Hotwheels" on the card.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Newly Added

Greetings, sharing some new addition DD to my collections. Got them at a decent price too and i hope they are genuine release.

1. Magenta/Purple with wave tempo from 4pcs TIN SET SINCE 68
2. Dark Green with poker cards tempo from Redline Poker Club 2009 (The graphic on this is not very sharp and blur)
3. Black with 2009 HOTLANTA / tempo
4. Orange/red with flame and with 2009 HOTLANTA/ tempo.

Overall a great addition to my collections, hope to find more conventions cars with decent price. Cheers.

Slick Ride 2nd color

2010 Delivery Slick Rides series have now reach its 2nd color release and within case 'Q', saw the Dairy Delivery 2nd color release. Each case comes with 2 Black DD and if you are lucky enough, you may find 3 of them in the case. The black version do looks Awesome and the tires are with FIRESTONE brand.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Larry's Garage DD complete

Finally, i've complete all the DD from 2009 Larry's Garage series. Took me 1 year to do it as they were hard to come by then. A total of 6 Dairy Delivery was release thru Larry's Garage series and with 3 difference tempo on it.

The initial series had 4 color variations to the "AUTO PARTS" tempo with 2 tones color body scheme. 1st release was the most common, the Grey top/Purple bottom. Follow with White top/Cyan bottom, then the most favorite is the Dark Gray top / Black bottom. Lastly the hard to find last color variation is the Black top / yellow bottom variations.

Year end of 2009 saw the release of LARRY'S GARAGE HOLIDAY MIX with new tempo that reflects the Christmas Holiday. The DD in this release have a "NORTH POLE" tempo and also with 2 tones color body of White top / Sparkling Metallic Magenta bottom.

Lastly the last piece to complete my Larry series is the exclusive Larry's Garage 21 piece Box set. The DD in this box-set is with Blue top/white bottom and also with a new tempo of "Larry's Dairy" to it.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Customs DAIRY by CHAM

Some of my Custom DD in my collections that was done by a local collector friend of mine named Andrew Cham. He likes to do customs and detailing on die-cast and i was very excited when he offer to do me a dairy customs. Enjoys.

Andrew's blog..

Front : Awesome detailing on the headlights.

Rear : Awesome add on detailing

Customs : TRUST
Body : Combinations of yellow / red / black paint with "TRUST"

Customs : RAYS aka TIGER
Body : Yellow with stripe, siren light on roof and additional wheel at back

Customs : X-JAPAN
Body : Combinations of white / grey / black paint with
"X-JAPAN" logo and photo. Also additional wheels at rear.
**X-Japan is a very famous Japanese rock band in the 90s**


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Before the opening time at 10am, the queue to the Automobile Driving Museum at El Segundo CA on the 5th June can be seen as early as 5.30 am in the morning. The reason behind is the event being held on that day, the "The Car People For Education’s 3rd Annual Benefit Cat Show benefits the El Segundo Education Foundation". A charity event in which a limited edition Dairy Delivery will be offer for sale.

The Dairy delivery will be sold at $20 a piece, with just a limited of 500 pieces. Collector country wide has drove up to the event to get them and in less then an hour, all was sold out. Some still in line are frustrated that they can't get any as the early bird in line buy up to 10-20 pieces (limit at initial) at one time.

The organizer was overwhelm with people wanting the Dairy that they later set a limit of 5 piece per person but it was already too late as the Dairy was running on low stock. With the sold out of the dairy, lots of people turn away from the event and didn't buy the entry tickets to it. Guess the organizer didn't know how popular the Dairy casting is and didn't made more then the 500 pieces.

Pics of the ED Dairy from the event start showing up on Ebay later that day with a whopping price of $70-80 a piece. Talk bout charity, guess those guys buying up 10-20 to be put on Ebay wants some charity themselves too.

Cheers and enjoy the pics, sure wish there one in my collections, packaging looks sweet.

Monday, May 31, 2010


2008 releases from Toys R us in collaboration with Hot Wheels. A give-away promotion in conjunction with Hot wheels 40th anniversary celebrations.

Buy 20 selected Hot wheels Basic cars at TRU and sent the receipt with the blister card and $5 to Mattel's Hot wheels and received this special edition Dairy Delivery.

Description :
Body : Matte Black,
Deco :
Red & White HW logo on sides,

Red & Silver stripes across top,
40th Anniversary logo on top,
Interior : Chrome
Window : Clear
Base : Unpainted Thailand Base,
Wheels : RLRR5SP's (Red Line Real Rider 5sp)
Known Variation : none


Sunday, May 30, 2010

What's new on DD - ED DD

Mattle has announced a collectible Dairy Delivery which will be offered at a charity show! The show is call The Car People For Education’s 3rd Annual Benefit Cat Show benefits the El Segundo Education Foundation. Show detail is as follow below.

This special Dairy Delivery is limited to no more than 500 pieces, and features metalflake green finish, white and yellow flame deco, and the El Segundo Education Foundation “Ed!” logo. The only way to get your hands on this DD is to attend the show, where they will be available for sale.

For more details, check out HWC.COM .. Click here

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Since 68 - Tin set

Hot Wheels releases a four's 4-car pack SINCE 68 limited edition tin set 2 years back when they started the series. One of the first tin set releases was call the 'ORIGINAL' . In this Original tin set releases contain 4 special limited edition repaint of casting with the same deco as those in single carded. One of the casting in this set is the DAIRY DELIVERY.

The Dairy Delivery spot the 2nd deco from Since 68 series which is the Wave deco with Hot Wheels wording on it. Its in Magenta color whereas the single carded is silver in color. The set is not that hard to find but it is slowly disappearing from retail or online store.

I'll probably try to get a loose for display if i can't find another decent price set itself. Until then this remain as is and unopen.

Happy collecting.