Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Larry's Garage DD complete

Finally, i've complete all the DD from 2009 Larry's Garage series. Took me 1 year to do it as they were hard to come by then. A total of 6 Dairy Delivery was release thru Larry's Garage series and with 3 difference tempo on it.

The initial series had 4 color variations to the "AUTO PARTS" tempo with 2 tones color body scheme. 1st release was the most common, the Grey top/Purple bottom. Follow with White top/Cyan bottom, then the most favorite is the Dark Gray top / Black bottom. Lastly the hard to find last color variation is the Black top / yellow bottom variations.

Year end of 2009 saw the release of LARRY'S GARAGE HOLIDAY MIX with new tempo that reflects the Christmas Holiday. The DD in this release have a "NORTH POLE" tempo and also with 2 tones color body of White top / Sparkling Metallic Magenta bottom.

Lastly the last piece to complete my Larry series is the exclusive Larry's Garage 21 piece Box set. The DD in this box-set is with Blue top/white bottom and also with a new tempo of "Larry's Dairy" to it.