Tuesday, October 27, 2009

2009 - Modified Rides (K-day)

News is out that the 3rd recolor for this year Basic line's Modified Rides team series Dairy Delivery to be Anodized Silver color. Sadly this is the K-day collectors day event special color and wont be available internationally, only to the K-mart store in the US. November 7th 2009 is the day of release, mark it down in your calender.

The 3rd recolor of the Modifies Rides series spots :

Anodized silver Body
Grey plastic base
Red PR5 wheels
Red window
Maroon Interior (Possible?)
Tattoo pattern on roof
"Redline Racing" and Hot Wheels logo tempo on sides

Really cant wait to get my hands on this, possibly multiple of it, the silver body and red windows is a nice combinations plus the red pr5 wheels made it an added bonus. DD fans, don't let this slip pass.

2009 - 1:87 / HO (Since 68's Dairy Delivery)

("The 1:87/ HO line has it all in a smaller scale, including Hot Wheels® collector favorites, tuners, exotics – even the 1966 Batmobile™! These cars pack a lot of detail into their itty bitty bodies.") Quote from HWC.com

In early 2009, Mattel release a brand new series called the 1:87 / HO line. This series consist of many popular casting in its 1:87 scale and with real rider wheels. Each casting come in with an acrylic box casing with a black base for display or easy storing. Although its in the 1:87 scale, it is highly detail.

Only one Dairy Delivery was release in this series and its resemble the SINCE 68 black Dairy with orange/red flames and the Hot wheels logo. Feature an all 2-piece wheels with real riders, yellow windows.