Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Nostalgia - Saturday Evening Posts

The next following Nostalgia series theme that will have a Dairy Delivery would be called "The Saturday Evening Post". This piece comes in brown body with some awesome looking classic artwork to it. Anybody knows the artist that design it? Comes with white line real riders, clear windows and chrome metal base? Will probably schedule to release in mid June / July 2012.


Friday, March 23, 2012

2012 Nostalgia - Nose Art

At long last, a new post in here, sorry folks, it seem times flies by so fast and so many stuff just pass by like that. Ok here some great news from Hot Wheels for DD collectors this year. Remember a post from last year == 2012 SneakPeek == showing sneak peek of what coming, well here is it more photo and info.

The 2nd release of the 2012 Nostalgia series featuring a theme called the "Nose Art". Schedule to release sometimes end of April 2012. Comes in Real Riders and Metal body / chassis. Card art featuring vintage girls. They are looking awesome, both the art on the card and on the DD.

Here are more view of the Nose Art Dairy Delivery.

Again, can't wait for this series to hits retail, simply fabulous.

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