Monday, July 23, 2012

Release - Monster DD

The wait is over, the 2012 New model for the MONSTER DAIRY DELIVERY has been release just recently in US. Now available mostly at online Auction sites. Just have to wait for it to hit local market, can't justify paying 2ndary market price now.. More pic below :

I was right on my earlier post that this would be using the same mould as the Monster Jam series DD, just replace the base and wheels and u got instant 1/64 mainline Monster DD.

Cant wait to get this piece and put it together with the Monster Jam series side by side for another review. 


Friday, July 6, 2012

Mini Monster DD

2012 Mainline Basic cars will have a new DAIRY DELIVERY in Monster Jam style. After the last 2 year success in having a Dairy Delivery in its MONSTER JAM series, its finally time for 1:64 scale version of the Monster Jam series coming premier in the Mainline Basic cars series. 

Now, all the good news aside, let talk bout the bad news. I felt that this Monster DD would be smaller in size, something like the DECO delivery instead in order to fit into the blister card back. What do u guys think the size will be like?

Will see how the final product be once they are in the wild, only time will tell, Cheers.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

2012 MAIL-IN Toys R us

2012 Toys R' us Mail in promotion will be featuring a Dairy Delivery again. This time the DD will be in spectra Green body with yellow line real Rider. Not to be miss by DD collectors and sadly only available for Toys R us in America.

The usual  rules apply for this promotion. 
- Buy 20 basic cards (selected assortment), at TRU from 1st July thru Sept 3rd 2012.
- Sent the 20 Card back WITH official receipt of when the cars is bought together with official  
   order form with payment to Mattel.
- Wait 8-12 weeks for delivery of the DD.
For more info, go here..

Another DD to add to my collections soon... cheers