Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Custom Your own D.D.

News from Mattel, build your own hot wheels with your own personalized photo on them. There are 4 casting to choose from Hiway Hauler, Purple Passion, Surfin School bus and Dairy Delivery. From now till December 31st, when you purchase a specially marked Hot Wheels product at Walmart, you'll receive a coupon for your own free custom car!

"Quote from HWC.COM"

Here's how it works. First, purchase any of these specially marked products at a participating Walmart:
  • Hot Wheels Sky Jump Track Set
  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Assortment
  • Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set
  • Hot Wheels RC Nitro Speeders Assortment
  • Hot Wheels Video Racer Micro Camera Car

Each specially marked package contains a coupon with a unique code. Once you have your code, go to www.walmart.com/hotwheels, where you'll receive directions on how to build your own Hot Wheels Customs car. You'll find all the information you need right on the coupon inside your specially marked package, including shipping costs and other important details. Want to learn more about Hot Wheels Customs? Check ‘em out at www.HotWheelsCustoms.com.

Don't delay! This is a limited time offer, so head over to your participating Walmart and get in on this great offer before it's gone for good!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

SDCC Franken Berry DD

2011 SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) has come and gone. It was held on the 21st -24TH July and with it comes offering of exclusive release specially made for this convention’s attendee. Hot Wheels Mattel  also got itself involved in the show and one of the offering on that show is what this post is all about. The SDCC –Franken Berry Dairy Delivery. Franken Berry is a cereal brand name by General Mills, which also offer others cereal brand in the market. Franken Berry is (u guess it) a Frankenstein that like to eat Berry cereal. My Purchase of this SDCC DD was done a few month before the event as soon as news and photo of it was release officially by Mattel Hot Wheels. As a DD collector, I knew then that I had to get my hand on this lovin’ looking DD.

My package arrived faster than I anticipated, was expecting it to come in on mid august but was glad it made it safe to my hand. The box was a bit dented but this is expected from packages coming from overseas and the box quality they were in it.  Open up and found the nice looking hard cardboard box with the wording “FRANKEN BERRY” in there. 1 word, “Awesome”!

Since it was a DD and it is a SDCC release I know I had to get not just 1 for my collections but 2.  So yup, there’re 2 of them in the packages. This is my 1st time buying SDCC and I wasn’t sure what to expect when the package arrived and now, am glad I had gotten them,

After opening the outer box, came the actual product nicely wrap up in soft butter paper. Can wait to get the wrapper off the box but had to do it slowly without damaging it.

The front and side view of the packaging, it’s a mini cereal box that looks exactly like the real thing. Very nicely done and very creative.

The rear and side view showing more of Franken doing its thing :)

This is it, the reveal of the Franken berry DD in the window box. Flip open the front flaps and on right side is the DD in PINK and White and what more, shake the box and you’ll discover more then just the DD. There the cereal sound in there and the sound are made from extra wheels put in the box package.

Up close photo of the Frakan Berry DD. Featuring Frakan character on the side holding balloons, Its pink and white color scheme with 2 stripes on the roof. The DD comes in metal body chassis and metal base and with a brand new Real Rider (rubber) wheels. This is also a 1st official DD which is in PINK color and its really looks amazing. 

Will have open up box and photo in future post. 

Great DD to add to your collections and not to be miss, Cheers.