Monday, April 26, 2010

My Collections - Loose (Part 1)



2004 First Edition series

2005 Crazed Clown series

2006 Tag Ride series


Saturday, April 24, 2010

What's new on DD - Monster DUO

Quote by Hot Wheels marketing manager Mark Morse:
"Monster Duo two-packs are making a comeback.
There will be 12 in all - a re-issue of the original 3 we did as a Walmart exclusive in 2008, and 9 new ones to join the fray. These are no longer a Walmart exclusive, although it seems like they've currently ordered the greatest quantity. There's some great classic Hot Wheels castings in here, all adorned with the deco of the matching Monster Jam truck." The lineup is:

1/64 Monster Duo 2010 line
Grave Digger / Anglia Panel Truck --- New
Backdraft /Rescue Ranger --- New
Maximum Destruction / Whip Creamer --- New

Hot Wheels / Off-Track --- Re-issue

Batman / '89 Movie Batmobile --- New

Avenger / '57 Chevy --- New

Monster Mutt Dalmatian / Purple Passion --- Re-issue

Bone Shaker / Bone Shaker --- New
Bounter Hunter / Baja Breaker --- New

Blue Thunder / Ford F-150 --- New

Udder Madness / Dairy Delivery --- New
Captain's Curse / Jaded --- Re-issue


Ubber Madness - Monster Jam

2010 Monster Jam series debut with some very interesting NEW casting!. One of them is the DAIRY DELIVERY which come under the "Originals" series and with an "Ubber Madness" tempo. SWEET!

This "Ubber Madness" comes in Green body with green/yellow flame on roof top, sides with large laughing cow and small "Ubber Madness" on it. Back also spot an "Ubber Madness" tag line.

In this Monster Jam release which is also called the Flag series, came with an additional mini flag which is made from fabric material. The flag also spot the same "Ubber Madness" tag with green background and minus the cow graphic.

The new DD casting made for the Monster Jam series is difference then the regular DD casting in which the width is smaller. Both have the same height and length but difference width as see in the front / back view. I guess this is because of the design for the base in the monster jam series.

There will be a 2nd variation to this Ubber Madness which is the reverse graphic size for the cow tempo and "Ubber Madness" word. Large "Ubber Madness" with small laughing cow tempo.

Back packaging from the new 2010 series feature the new Ubber Madness and other.



MOO MOO, u know how it is with the Dairy Delivery associated with Milk and Cow. Well recently i've found a very interesting collectible call BearBrick from MedicomCorp. And in series 12 of BearBrick, there a Bear with the design of a Cow and without thinking twice, i bought it just to display with my DD with cow spot. Enjoy the pic.