Thursday, August 8, 2013

2013 Red Line Club (RLC)

Another DAIRY DELIVERY offering from the HWC's Red Line Club (RLC) which is a paid membership over at This limited edition only available for purchase at HWC RLC online store for member with either a US or Canada Address. No news on when the Dairy will be available, but it will be around year end.

Again the tempo and design is not so desirable. The hood stripe has been done before from other series such as the Slick Rides and Holiday. With wide body, should have better and more graphic coverage on it then just simple wording and lines on it. What happen to those graphic releases like Luna Lu and Scary delivery. Hope Mattel put in more effort in tempo and design then just line and wording.



Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 Collectors Convention

Its that time of year again for fellow Hot Wheels Collectors, the 27th Annual H.W. Collector Convention is schedule to happen in Sept 2013. One of the casting available during the conventions will be a Dairy Delivery spotting a RACING theme. This is not the 1st Racing theme done on a Dairy, in 2006 the real rider series also see a Dairy in Racing Tempo.


                          What: 27th Annual Hot Wheels Collectors Convention
                          When: Wednesday, Sept. 25 - Sunday, Sept. 29
                          Where: Hyatt Regency Orange County, Garden Grove, CA

Color and Design is not so appealing. Metal Body with Racing theme and the usual Blue, red, white color strip at roof. "Good year" Real Rider with metal base and clear window. Convention Logo at rear of Dairy with "RACE TEAM DELIVERY" and "HOT WHEELS" at both sides.


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dairy TEAM Hot Wheels

Monster Dairy Delivery (MDD) is now feature in TEAM HOT WHEELS series. Yes, the heavy duty racing tempo series have now added the Monster Dairy Delivery casting to its lineup and its looks freaking awesome. Just wishing that the normal Dairy is feature too but can't have them all now can we.

Spotting a black body with heavy Hot Wheels racing tempo. Yellow plastic wheels and looks like a black plastic base or Dark Chrome base.

Special thanks to a seller in Mexico (small_cars_mx) for posting up this new Dairy and the 1st to appear. Now the search is on for this Monster to my collections. Cheers.


Saturday, May 4, 2013


FREE!! FREE!! Dairy!! , I hope that will bring to your attentions. As you read it correctly there is this Free HW Designs cars promotion coming your wait ONLY at Kroger Store in the United States. The promotions starts from May 1st to June 5th and it involves some purchasing. Details below.
Quote from HWC.COM_____
("You know that old saying “something is better than nothing?” Well, if you’re a customizer, we think you’ll agree “nothing” is definitely better when it comes to our Hot Wheels Designs vehicles because they’re completely free of decos. And now purchase just ten basic Hot Wheels cars at participating Kroger stores from May 1st to June 5th and we’ll send a free one racing your way!

This special promotion features four Hot Wheels Designs vehicles, each with a different base color. Which one will you receive? You won’t know until it arrives, but it’ll be one of these customizer favorites :
  • Dairy Delivery (blue)
  • Hiway Hauler (black and gray)
  • Surfin' School Bus (yellow)
  • School Busted (red)

") Quote end___

Official News release here

The Blue Dairy Delivery is what shown below looks like. Nothing special, just a plain color DD. It will come in a Baggie bag and cardboard.
Well to me this is a great promo for those that collect any of the selected 4 casting BUT, for a customizer that the promo is aim at is a bit too hefty a price. 

Now from a Collector point of view, there is NO Guarantee that the free Design car received will be what the collector wanted. How many 10's Hot wheels to purchase to guarantee the wanted casting. If you do get the wanted casting then its great, what happen if its not the wanted casting? Furthermore its only available Exclusively to Kroger stores, so good luck with that.

Now from a Customizer point of view, am no customizer but i do know i will not spend $10+ for a casting to customize on when i can find cheaper alternative elsewhere. After all the casting will be stripe of paint and such so it doesn't matter where the source of the casting coming from. Off course there the hard to find casting like the School busted, again see collector point of view.

Since am a DD collector i will try to locate this for my collections, so wish me luck. cheers.


Friday, March 8, 2013

World of Voltaire

After a couple of years waiting and watching for this 2007 Japan Custom Car Show boxset which include the much anticipating Dairy Delivery and Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse by artist Voltaire. The waiting was worth it as i received them just last week. The box set is awesomely done and the graphics on the packaging as well as on the die-cast casting itself is top notch quality.

This box set is limited to ONLY 1500 unit and is specially created for the 2007 Hot Wheels Custom Car Show in Osaka, Japan. As the back of the packaging says "not more then 2000" the numbering sticker in the box set says 1500, so i stick to this 1500 limited unit created.

The box set comes in a very nice cardboard wraparound an acrylic casing which houses the 2 casting. The cardboard graphics at front shows skeleton and skull art work of Voltaire on them.

Differences between the Dairy Delivery for this set and the Single carded is probably the most obvious, the Rims. In this set, the Rims for the DD is Red Chrome where as the Rims for the single carded is Silver Chrome. Am not a collector of wheels Variations but this set is just too nice to pass up on when the selling price is the lowest i've seen so far.

Sides of the packaging with each showcasing the design and character in the World of Voltaire. One sides is showing Chi Chian (Character on the Dairy Delivery) and the other is showing Deary Bear (Character on the Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse).

Back and bottom of the packaging with all the information details of this releases and also on the Artist Voltaire itself. Am glad and happy to own this beautiful set of cars with beautiful artwork on them. Will made a great piece in my DD collections. Now i need to find a loose for my loose display.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Haul Pop Culture DD

Alright folks, these just came in the mail and i can't wait to un-card them and do a 360 review on them. Pop Culture series wave 1 looney tunes featuring Bugs Bunny and wave 2 the muppets featuring Fozzie the bear. Until then, enjoy this pic below cheers.

Un-carding soon

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DD Posters # 8

The latest in DD Poster from my DD collections. Poster # 9 is in the works, so hope u guys like it. Poster #8 featuring the Sweet and slick Rides series, Some Conventions the remaining Larry Garage's DD and the Otter Pops DD. Enjoy.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nostalgia DD Recap

Hot wheels Nostalgia series saw it last release with "Atari" theme in 2012. A new series is set to replaced the nostalgic series that bring back all the good old days memories in the 80s.The Nostalgia series bring us 4 Dairy Casting in 4 difference wave in its 2 year runs (2011-2012). The 4 wave / theme with the DD casting are Master of the Universe (MOTU), Hershey I, Nose Arts and Saturday Evening Post (SAT)


That's the recap on the 2011-2012 runs on Nostalgia series with the Dairy casting. Looking forward to the release of DD in the upcoming Pop Culture series that will continue where Nostalgia left.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2009 Reston Red DD

Was watching this for some time, then out of the blue, found it with a very reasonable price and got it without a 2nd thought. Its a commemorative to Larry Wood HW design at the 9th Annual Collector National event at Reston, Va.

A total of 7 color with each in difference limited number productions. Keep checking back for more posting of Reston's DD.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

ALL Shape and Size.

After more then 10 years the Dairy Delivery has been releases, the DD come in various shape and size. From the 1st editions 1/64 to the Monster Jam 1/24 and to mini Size of 1/87 scale. Here the Evolutions of the Dairy Delivery to date. There is no such things as enough, only never enough.

From top to bottom, the EVOLUTION of DD ..

1/24 - Monster Jam DD
1/64 - Monster Jam DD
1/64 - Mainline Basic DD
1/64 - Mainline Basic Monster DD
1/64 - Mainline Basic Bling Bling DD
1/87 - HO DD (Not in picture)


Monday, January 7, 2013

Looney Tunes

Happy New year of 2013. With that comes the release of "Pop Culture", a new series replacing the "Nostalgia". Pop culture series will kick off where Nostalgia series left with Looney Tunes. The releases of the Dairy Delivery casting in this series has made collectors of DD in excitement. 

Let's not wait another moments , the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Dairy. 
(all pic are taken from HWC.COM)

Mine is already on the way, so once arrive will take more photo of the Dairy, Until then.


Saturday, January 5, 2013


Hot Wheels new series for 2013 which will be replacing the 2 year running of Nostalgia series will be called POP CULTURE. And the first 2 Pop Culture wave that is schedule to be release early of 2013 will be having the Dairy Delivery casting.

Looney Tunes featuring Bugs Bunny& The Muppets Featuring Fozzie.

Looking forwards to the release of Looney Tunes in Jan 2013 and the Muppet in Feb/March 2013.