Friday, March 8, 2013

World of Voltaire

After a couple of years waiting and watching for this 2007 Japan Custom Car Show boxset which include the much anticipating Dairy Delivery and Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse by artist Voltaire. The waiting was worth it as i received them just last week. The box set is awesomely done and the graphics on the packaging as well as on the die-cast casting itself is top notch quality.

This box set is limited to ONLY 1500 unit and is specially created for the 2007 Hot Wheels Custom Car Show in Osaka, Japan. As the back of the packaging says "not more then 2000" the numbering sticker in the box set says 1500, so i stick to this 1500 limited unit created.

The box set comes in a very nice cardboard wraparound an acrylic casing which houses the 2 casting. The cardboard graphics at front shows skeleton and skull art work of Voltaire on them.

Differences between the Dairy Delivery for this set and the Single carded is probably the most obvious, the Rims. In this set, the Rims for the DD is Red Chrome where as the Rims for the single carded is Silver Chrome. Am not a collector of wheels Variations but this set is just too nice to pass up on when the selling price is the lowest i've seen so far.

Sides of the packaging with each showcasing the design and character in the World of Voltaire. One sides is showing Chi Chian (Character on the Dairy Delivery) and the other is showing Deary Bear (Character on the Cadillac Fleetwood Hearse).

Back and bottom of the packaging with all the information details of this releases and also on the Artist Voltaire itself. Am glad and happy to own this beautiful set of cars with beautiful artwork on them. Will made a great piece in my DD collections. Now i need to find a loose for my loose display.