Sunday, January 22, 2012

Haul - Hot Wheels Custom

A great and awesome bud up in Canada offer his help in getting me the content in this Package and am truly appreciate it, will be in his debt. An exchanged of few emails, Pm's and couple of weeks later, this package arrived at my doorsteps.

Its non other then the Hot Wheels Customs DD from the HW shop. [ Customs DD ] Not only my bud sent me 2 of the Customs DD ( one to open and one to keep in carded), he also put in another DD which is the Sweet Ride's Tootsie Roll. A variation which is from the single carded while my other is from the Box-set.

Be known that there are 3 difference carded design for this HW Customs and the one i have are the "Just for You" design. A look at the front and back of the packaging. Will feature an out of packing post of this DD soon. Cheers.