Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NOSTALGIA : Master Of the Universe

Mattel recently announced a new series that will release in Aug 2011 and that it will be called Nostalgia series with 4 sub-series theme with each having 8-10 casting in it. The series will spot metal body and metal chassis with real rider wheels.

The 1st of the sub-series theme which is MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE (MOTU) has just been release since last week and in it a Dairy Delivery. "click pic for larger size"

The packaging above which is clearly stated MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE, awesome graphic on card, there will be 2 difference card graphic, 4 casting will feature Skeletor with Panthor while the other 4 casting will feature He-Man with BattleCat. When combine will form a battle scene. Back of card shown the rest of the casting in the MOTU series. Card size is bigger then your normal average mainline carded, its equal to Ultra Hots series sizes.

Open up the blister card and release the DD.. Its Awesome and Heavy! i like. Featuring Silver metal flake body paint, with Skeletor on both sides of the Dairy, sadly no graphic on its roof. Painted front grill and front head light and signal light.

Painted rear light with "SKLTR" Skeletor license plate, very small, cant read the fine print above. Awesome piece to be added to any DD collector out there Cheers.