Saturday, June 26, 2010

Customs DAIRY by CHAM

Some of my Custom DD in my collections that was done by a local collector friend of mine named Andrew Cham. He likes to do customs and detailing on die-cast and i was very excited when he offer to do me a dairy customs. Enjoys.

Andrew's blog..

Front : Awesome detailing on the headlights.

Rear : Awesome add on detailing

Customs : TRUST
Body : Combinations of yellow / red / black paint with "TRUST"

Customs : RAYS aka TIGER
Body : Yellow with stripe, siren light on roof and additional wheel at back

Customs : X-JAPAN
Body : Combinations of white / grey / black paint with
"X-JAPAN" logo and photo. Also additional wheels at rear.
**X-Japan is a very famous Japanese rock band in the 90s**


Sunday, June 13, 2010


Before the opening time at 10am, the queue to the Automobile Driving Museum at El Segundo CA on the 5th June can be seen as early as 5.30 am in the morning. The reason behind is the event being held on that day, the "The Car People For Education’s 3rd Annual Benefit Cat Show benefits the El Segundo Education Foundation". A charity event in which a limited edition Dairy Delivery will be offer for sale.

The Dairy delivery will be sold at $20 a piece, with just a limited of 500 pieces. Collector country wide has drove up to the event to get them and in less then an hour, all was sold out. Some still in line are frustrated that they can't get any as the early bird in line buy up to 10-20 pieces (limit at initial) at one time.

The organizer was overwhelm with people wanting the Dairy that they later set a limit of 5 piece per person but it was already too late as the Dairy was running on low stock. With the sold out of the dairy, lots of people turn away from the event and didn't buy the entry tickets to it. Guess the organizer didn't know how popular the Dairy casting is and didn't made more then the 500 pieces.

Pics of the ED Dairy from the event start showing up on Ebay later that day with a whopping price of $70-80 a piece. Talk bout charity, guess those guys buying up 10-20 to be put on Ebay wants some charity themselves too.

Cheers and enjoy the pics, sure wish there one in my collections, packaging looks sweet.