Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2009 - 2nd Annual SUMMER SMASH - Platinum

Another DD color variation for the 2nd Annual Summer Smash which was held at Warwick, Rhode Island on 27-30 August 2009. Featuring the same design as the yellow color version in my previous posting.

This Platinum Dairy Delivery is Exclusive pewter painted with bright metallic flakes and it makes this a true collectible. Come with red line real rider wheels.

Only 2 pieces was available for the Summer Smash Charity Auction ("Made-A-Wish foundation") Donated and decorated by Vince "Vman" Mosely

2009 - 2nd Annual SUMMER SMASH

2nd Annual Summer Smash which was held in Warwick, Rhode Island on 27-30 August 2009. This is a partnership event between Rhode Island Hot wheels Club and Mattel to raise $20, 000 for the "Made-A-Wish Foundation"

This Yellow Dairy Delivery Summer Smash was design by Vince (Vman) Mosely.
Only 23 pieces was available for sale during the event.

2009 - Modified Rides (all colors)

Ebay's package arrived over the weekend and with it bring me the last and final color for 2009 Modified Rides' Dairy Delivery, the Silver anodized DD which is the K-mark edition. Behold all 3 color variations as shown below.

A little something difference with the new K-mark silver DD card graphics is that the DD is shrink to a smaller scale as compared to its predecessor. I think this is because there are some collectors that want to collect the card graphic and since both the green and yellow DD graphic is large and below the plastic blister, its kinda hard to have the card undamaged while opening the blister. Mattel did a good job here by making the graphic smaller and above the plastic blisters to allow undamaged graphic cards for card collectors.

Close up pics on all 3 color variations. From my view, my favorite would be the Silver follow by green and lastly the yellow. Overall great tempo and tagline, the "REDLINE RACING". This wrap up the 2009 Modified Rides series, hope there be more DD for 2010 in the mainline.