Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 - Slick Rides Delivery Series

The much anticipated Delivery Series for 2010 has arrived in the US Market. SLICK RIDES Delivery series has been release in the States with its case A, B, C and D as of this posting. Featuring "FIRESTONE" brand name for this Dairy Delivery casting and is the 1st color release.

Also sporting real rider tires with "Firestone" brand name on it as well. Awesome release with both metal body and base. What are you guys waiting for, go get em all.


Monday, December 14, 2009

DD Customs - Transformers Bumblebee

The year 2009 saw the sequel release of the Transformers with "Return of the FALLEN". The year 2009 also saw the release of BoxMan's Custom featuring Bumblebee in the DAIRY DELIVERY casting. Not only the Dairy was a customs, the overall packaging also was customized with TRANSFORMERS logo and bumblebee names on it. Also, a very well design Dairy Delivery bumblebee in robot mode on the packaging. Simply awesome piece of artwork that u can expect from the BoxMan's Customs.

The Bumblebee Dairy delivery spots a bumblebee yellow body color. The yellow used is not from the live-action movie yellow but the classic animated TV series yellow and with black stripe from engine hood to roof which is from the movie. Clear window and chrome base. Also feature real riders tires.

Autobots logo on both sides of door and "Transformers" word at side. The customs feature a very nice and realistic design that looks like the body has peeling effect and show what underneath the outer layer. Sort of like a "Battle Damage" of Bumblebee. Lastly, the back reads "MORE THEN MEETS THE EYE... " Truly an awesome piece of work there.

This is a limited piece release and is not available mass market. Be prepared to fork out a hefty sum for this Bumblebee.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's new on DD - Slick Rides Delivery Series

We’re delivering the goods again! Continuing the Hot Wheels® Delivery series of cars and trucks that really deliver, the 2010 theme is all about cars -- vintage sponsor decos that honor some of the most recognizable providers of auto parts on the circuit. Also, among the “special deliveries” in the Slick Rides™ segment you’ll find the debut of five brand-new castings and a brand-new type of Real Riders® wheels!

(Quote and pics from HWC.COM)

FIRESTONE is the License Deco for 2010 Diary Delivery Slick Rides Series. Featuring Real riders wheels with "Firestone" trademark on them. Awesome.


Malaysia 20-Car Gift Set

Back in 2003, Mattel challenged their three manufacturing factories to design a special 20-car theme pack using castings that they had available. Jumping at the chance to showcase their strengths and talents, the factories eagerly accepted the task with care and dedication. The Malaysia 20-Car Gift Set was the result from Mattel Malaysia Sdn Bhd (MMSB), which is located in the state of Penang, Malaysia (also known as the "Pearl of the Orient"). The factory began operation in 1981, and it has produced over two billion cars since then!

Along with 18 cars from the 2003 stable, the Dairy Delivery® and the Fandango® feature exclusive decorations available only in this collection! The 20-Car Gift Set of Hot Wheels® cars also features handsome, foldout packaging.

(Quote and Pics from HWC.COM)